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           The Middle Pomerania is famous from its wide, clean beaches , outstanding landscapes and favourable climate. It is an ideal place to rest and escape from a busy, everyday life. Its close proximity to Baltic coast guarantees many health properties and it is an area of an undeniable beauty.


 Ustka - is a popular tourist destination and a fishing port on the south coast of the Baltic. For many years the town has won a string of local awards for the best summer place and health resort. The clean air rich in iodine , pine forests, beautiful, sandy beaches make it an ideal place to visit for everyone. The town has a long waterfront promenade with many bars, restaurants and a concert hall and offers many  attractions for any age group.


 Słupsk - is one of the most beautiful towns in the Middle Pomerania. It has a rich history and many monuments. It's worth to visit an impressive town hall, many historic churches, medieval fortifications and a magnificent castle that contains the biggest collection of Witkacy's paintings in Poland. It's also worth mentioning that the inventor of the first postcard Heinrich von Stephan was a Slupsk resident. The town is located only 17 km from Ustka.


 The Slovinian National Park - is one of the 23 national parks  and one of two seaside parks in Poland. The biggest attraction of the Park is a dune belt of splits with shifting dunes, unique in Europe. In this beautiful, natural reserve you can admire seaside lakes, bogs, peatbogs and pine woods. It is located only 30 km from Ustka.


 The Museum of Slovinian Village in Kluki - it is a historic site founded to preserve the culture of Kashubians who inhabited this region may years ago. The place is worth visiting especially during one of the folklore events that are organised throughout the year with the most famous one called the ' Black Wedding'.

 In Pomerania in the 18th and 19th centuries a pevailing element of rural landscape was half-timbered development. Many farms and houses with half-timbered constructions have remained in the Slupsk area. In rooms of wooden constructions with truss framework poles wrapped around with straw wisos were installed. Fields bewteen beams of the structure were filled in with clay or brick whitewashed so that the whole formed a specific patern - a black and white check. You can explore the best example this style in Swolowo. It is located only 17 km from Ustka. 


 Other attractions :

Ustka is an excellent place for active lifestyle lovers. The seaside is very popular among kitesurfers and paragliders. If you are keen on diving book one of many organised Baltic expeditions to explore wrecks . The area is perfect for cyclists with many designated routes through areas of undiscovered beauty. Very popular are also Baltic cruises , offshore angling or special cod fishing expeditions. If that is not enough you can take advantage of horse riding classes or play paintball with a group of friends. The nearest Aquapark is located only 20 km from Ustka. Fireworks lover - don't miss on the annual three days pyrotechnic show at the beginning of July.



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